So a quick recap from the weekend:

This weekend included the market on Saturday morning (a purchase of a bouquet of dried flowers was completely necessary), many a cafe creme with Jocelyn, lots of picnic-ing (the usual fare includes wine, grapes, cheese, and bread), a trip to the lake and a peek at the sailboats, the BIGGEST market of the year in Tours (they blocked of all of the main roads. I once again had to buy 2 books, a shirt, and some dish towels, not necessarily necissary, but made in France!!), more cafe creme, some delicious glace chocolat, and more laying by the river. It was glorious. Stay tuned for the day in which we take a 3 hour test, have another picnic, become members at a local indie movie theater, and I run into a car. It was…eventful.


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  1. Sounds and looks like you are soooo homesick! Beautiful scenery, fruit, cheese, wonderful breads, books, interesting things to see, friends and shopping – not bad for your first week-end! Love the photos. Good luck with the studies.

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