I’m sexy and I know it…

I work out!

(Sometimes I feel like I could write pop songs. Ten words max, right? But it’s so catchy. I not-so-secretly love it.)

In France, I ran twice. Four months, two runs, and I lost weight (five pounds, but who’s counting?). Plus, I discovered a love of butter, mayonaise, sour cream, and nutella. I replaced my morning oatmeal and apple with nutella and toast, my mid-day salad with a three course meal, and my griled chicken dinner with cheesy pasta (and chocolate, bien sûr).

I don’t know how I stayed thin! I think that the French put something in their water. Or maybe it’s the 45 minutes I had to walk to get to University every day. They’re both possible.

However, now I’m back in the States and walking is not an option (unless I want to resemble the armadillos littering the streets, and that’s just Kate Moss Thin), yet I’ve retained my love of all things “unhealthy.”

What’s a girl to do? Stop eating ice cream? Heavens no!

Enter: the workout schedule.

Let’s do this.

Slightly ambitious...

3 thoughts on “I’m sexy and I know it…

  1. You should be here with me – no need for a workout schedule – yesterday plowed and planted beets, pruned roses and burned brush!

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