Spring Break-ing, 2012

I just got back from the beach, and I have the perfectly tomato-red legs to prove it. We only had one actual day of sun (the others I spent in a hoodie, wrapped in a towel, admiring the ocean from afar), but boy did I use up that one day of sun. Sunscreen is for wusses (which I will happily be next time).

(1) My book of the week, (2) the cloudy beach, (3) delicious food, courtesy of the bestcooksintheuniverse, (4) obligatory nail-beach photo

It was really an excellent time, complete with nail painting to Beyonce, a fabulous game of putt putt, and loads of ice-cream, but now it’s back to reality, with papers to write, an apartment to clean, and loads of ice-cream to eat.

Only one problem: I can’t get out of bed because moving disturbs my monster of a burn.

Good thing the ice cream is near.


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