Chocolate Chip Challenge

choclate chip

In our household, you can tell the season by what we are eating in bed.

Summer nights are filled with pints of ice-cream and a spoon, but when the crisp smell of fall pervades the air, freshly baked cookies are my late-night snack of choice.

Though there is absolutely nothing wrong with a break-and-bake cookie, sometimes you want something just a bit more. I was pursuing the internet the other day, looking for a recipe that would impress my sugar-loving husband, when I came across a plethora of vehement opinions on the subject of chocolate chip cookie recipes. People have seriously loyalty when it comes to cookies.

The two most popular recipes I found were Jacques Torres’ recipe for The New York Times and the Thick and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie in Baking Illustrated, and since we were headed to a Halloween party in a few days, I decided to conduct a bit of a chocolate chip cookie experiment.

To be honest, I expected the results to be inconclusive: Some people would prefer one, maybe a majority would go for the other.

Believe it or not, every single solitary person chose The New York Times cookie. The cookies were huge – a three and a half ounce mass of dough boasting an undercurrent of caramel flavor, studded with dark chocolate chips and topped with just a sprinkle of sea salt. The other cookies were good, sure – thick and gooey, especially delicious straight from the oven – but they lacked the complexity of the NYT cookies.

I can’t wait for freezing temperatures so I can snuggle under the comforter with a large glass of milk and one of these delicious monstrosities.

(Top photo via The New York Times)


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